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BSA Training for Client Facing Teams: CIP, CDD, EDD, OFAC and Best Business Practices for Identifying Suspicious Activity on the Front-Line-03/17/20


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BSA teams depend on the front line for gathering CIP, CDD, EDD, and performing OFAC verification. This webinar will teach front-line teams such as branch personnel, call centers, account officers and other client facing team’s best business practices for gathering information, documentation and performing OFAC verification. This training can be counted as job specific training for client facing teams and will include a best business practice document for performing BSA-related procedures and identifying potential suspicious activity.

Topics include:
• Best business practices for performing CID, CDD, EDD, and OFAC
• Identifying suspicious activity for client facing teams
• Escalation procedures when suspicious activity has been identified

Who Should Attend?
• Branch Staff and Management
• BSA Officers and support teams
• Fraud managers and support teams
• Call center staff
• Account Officers
• Treasury Officers
• Relationship Managers
• Compliance
• Internal Audit
• Senior Management

• This webinar will include a frequently asked questions document.