Prepaid Cards – Understanding Different Types Of Risks – September 12, 2022

Prepaid Cards – Understanding Different Types Of Risks – September 12, 2022

9.12.2022 from 2:00pm to 3:00pm

There is a growing popularity among money launderers and other criminals to use prepaid cards to move money. Prepaid cards are easy to transport and look like a credit card. Prepaid card schemes can provide access to thousands of dollars and money can be transferred in a matter of seconds. Criminals take advantage of this convenient and easy to conceal method of transferring funds for illicit purposes. This webinar takes attendees through the different types of prepaid cards and discuss the risks associated with each type of card.

Topics include:

  • Walk through of each type of prepaid card
  • Risks associated with the different types of prepaid cards available
  • Tips for risk rating prepaid card providers at account opening
  • Monitoring prepaid card providers throughout the duration of the relationship

Who Should Attend?

  • Client Facing Teams
  • BSA and Fraud
  • Deposit Operations/Electronic Banking
  • Compliance Officers
  • Internal Audit
  • Information Security/Technology
  • Senior Management

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