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A message from the Founder, Terri Sands

Secura Risk Management is a boutique consulting firm and membership organization that works closely with financial institutions to safely change with growing technology and regulatory requirements.  Secura also works with FinTech companies to understand the needs of financial institutions based on balancing regulatory compliance with exceptional customer experience.

Over the past few years, there has been significant movement in the financial institution and FinTech industries.   There has also been more pressure on the financial industry to keep up with the speed of changes in technology that has changed the way customers think and interact with their financial institution and technology companies.  Changes may include  moving payments faster, expediting workflows/processes to match the customer need, changing the way we identify and authenticate customers and employees, and  the way customers choose to have their experience.  Along with these and other changes, it is all about staying in the guard rails of regulatory guidance while balancing the need of the customer based on how they choose to use your business.

The purpose of Secura Risk Management is to break down complex regulations and rules and help financial institutions and FinTech companies comply while remaining competitive.  Emerging risks and fraud threats continue to increase and the costs associated with one fraud event, a regulatory consent order, a consumer privacy or data breach, or financial loss due to untrained staff or broken processes could be significant and result in reputational damage.

Secura Risk Management has expertise in payments risk and strategy,  BSA/AML, financial crimes, information security, customer privacy, regulatory compliance,  and emerging risks.  Secura’s evolving strategy is to make certain we continue to provide our clients with the most effective and practical risk management programs to make it easy for you to do business.

We exceed compliance expectations by using leading and efficient business practices based on internal and external threats.  Secura makes risk management simple so that you can eliminate the unnecessary to focus on the necessary.

Terri Sands, CAMS - Audit, AAP, CFE, At-Risk Adult Crime Tactics (ACT) Specialist


Secura Risk Management Staff

Terri Sands, CAMS – Audit, AAP, CFE, At-Risk Adult Crime Tactics Specialist (ACT)

Terri is the founder of Secura Risk Management and leads the company in its strategic efforts to offer the most pressing and needed services in payments, BSA/AML, Cybersecurity and fraud. Throughout her career, Terri has served as a leader in the payments and fraud prevention industry, providing education, risk management and compliance consulting and support services geared toward the specific needs of financial organizations. Terri consults and speaks frequently for regulatory and governmental agencies on topics including payments risk management and strategy, operational compliance, BSA/AML, financial crimes, operational risk management improvements and efficiencies. Terri has authored numerous publications and articles on payments risk management, fraud prevention, money-laundering prevention strategies, elder financial exploitation, and identity theft red flag compliance. Terri also served as the Director of the Payments Risk Management and the Financial Investigative Unit for State Bank & Trust where she was responsible for payments risk management, fraud management, physical security and BSA/AML.

Terri is an Advanced Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS – Audit), a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), an At-Risk Adult Crime Tactics (ACT) Specialist and an Accredited ACH Professional (AAP).

Prior to founding Secura, Terri served as co-founder of Payments Information Circle (PIC), a service organization providing payments industry education, auditing, consulting, resources, and support services to financial organizations throughout the country. Prior to her work at PIC, Terri  served as the President of the Georgia Automated Clearing House Association (GACHA), a non-profit, regional payments association where she provided strategic direction for the association and its membership.  Terri began her career in payments as a Senior Analyst with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta where she provided training throughout the Sixth District and served on the Federal Reserve ACH Conversion Team that consolidated ACH Services for all branch locations in the Sixth District. In addition, Terri led the efforts for training financial institutions throughout the Sixth District on the National Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS).


Glenda Hill, Director of Member Experience

Glenda Hill serves as the Director of Member Experience.  As Secura Risk Management continues to focus on how to best service our members through communication, education and ongoing meaningful services, Glenda has a significant role.  Glenda was recently with State Bank & Trust where she managed support services for the Enterprise Risk Division and understands the significance of timely education, communication of new rules and regulations and evolving methods for effective and sustainable compliance.  Glenda has a significant amount of experience in providing risk management support in all areas of risk including payments risk, BSA/AML, Information Security, Deposit Compliance, Risk Management, Loan Compliance, and Fraud Management.



Deborah Mcleod, Enterprise Risk Management

Deborah’s career in the financial industry spans 30 years.  She most recently served as the Director of Financial Investigative Unit and BSA Compliance Officer for State Bank & Trust Company.  During her nine-year tenure with State Bank, Deborah was actively involved with multiple areas across the bank assisting with policy, procedure, and program development, risk assessments, efficiency initiatives, and various other projects.

Prior to her tenure with State Bank, Deborah spent nine years serving as a Chief Financial Officer for two Georgia based bank holding companies and their subsidiaries. She provided oversight of all non-lending areas of the companies including, but not limited to, BSA/AML/OFAC Compliance, payments, risk management, information technology, asset liability management, and SEC and regulatory reporting.

Deborah began her banking career in accounting and finance with a publicly traded Georgia based holding company with a footprint spanning four states.  She was actively involved in multiple mergers, acquisitions, and system conversions over a ten-year period.  The company provided correspondent bank and payroll services in addition to traditional banking services.  Her final role with the company was as the Senior Vice President of Operations and Finance with responsibility for oversight of deposit operations, consumer loan operations, and regulatory and financial accounting.

Throughout her career she has served on various board committees, including risk, audit, asset liability (ALCO), and technology.  Deborah has worked with both state and national chartered banks throughout her career and has experience with multiple regulatory agencies.

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